The Punk Rock Tough Guys Club

by Plug

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This started off as being a single song, but I haven't released anything with a couple songs on it in a while, so I threw in 2 other tracks.

The title track has the first solo in any plug song in it, which kinda sucks but gets the job done. The second track (I couldn't get this one to stop hissing for some reason) has another 'solo' riff-thingy in it and the third track has been out for a while, but Mr. Alex Retro remixed it and it sounds a little less crappy now.

Enjoy the new EP!


released April 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Pinhead Records Tampa, Florida

"Pinhead Records: keeping the 90s alive, one EP at a time." - Some cool guy on reddit

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Track Name: The Punk Rock Tough Guys Club
My music’s trash and I’m “not cool enough”
To join the punk rock tough guys club
So I’ll just sit in my room all day long
And pass time by writing stupid songs

Yeah, I’m going nowhere and there’s nothing you can do
I don’t care what you think, I’m not here to please you
Yeah, I’m going nowhere, so whatcha gonna do?
I’m fine with who I am, so fuck you

I got beat up by the leader of the punk rock tough guys club
and now I can’t play shows, cuz I’m not punk enough
I’ll play it safe and sit in my room all day long
And pass time by writing stupid songs
Track Name: Dumbology
They say that I should write a novel
On how to be a dummy, for dummies
Well, that’s a challenge I can handle
‘Cause I’ve got a PHD in Dumbology

They said they really liked my handbook
On being a fuck-up at everything
It’s been flying off the shelves at Barnes and Noble
So everyone can be a fuck-up, kinda like me

You fucked up, it’s okay
You’re just havin’ another stupid day
We fuck up, deal with it
Don’t let a mishap turn your day to shit
Track Name: The Shell of a Man (fancy remixed version)
You're a shell of the man I never knew
And I can't believe I ever trusted you
Now I see that you're a scumbag
So go on the train tracks and lay flat

Because you threw me away
Like you threw away your life
Nice to see that you're getting arrested all...
All of the time

It's been over a decade since I last saw you
But, truthfully, I have no desire to
I know what you do and I know you're a thief
Thanks to my mom for pushing you away from me

Because you threw me away
Like you threw away your life
Fuck off, you asshole...
I don't wanna hear your lies