It's a Nightmare

by Relation

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First new music from Dustin's one-man band Relation in a year or so! Good stuff, free download, everybody wins!


released February 13, 2014

All instruments/vocals recorded by: Dustin Davis
All music written by: You guess it - Dustin Davis!
Cover art by: Some other cool guy!



all rights reserved


Pinhead Records Tampa, Florida

"Pinhead Records: keeping the 90s alive, one EP at a time." - Some cool guy on reddit

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Track Name: It's a Nightmare
It's a fucking nightmare
what's going on -
they say "the worst is yet to come"
but now, I see: it's here.
It's right fucking now!

Oh the ever-watching
loving eye of Uncle Sam
oh, just let 'em slip it in!

So, what do we do
to fix the world that lies ahead?
Will the guillotine find it's
drop upon the heads
of those who need it most?

Watch us crumble,
watch our darkest dreams come true
American nightmare
American Dreams
we will fuckin' follow suit!

Track Name: Mr. Sasquatch and His Magical Bucket of Lies
Everytime I see your face
I wonder what you're gonna say
you know
that you lie
but it's fine

truth be told:
when i get old
I hope my heart
ain't grown as cold
as your's
I'm sure
it's a pain

I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news
but I have gotta say:
no one wants you around
aren't you 42?

There you are!
You suck my friend
your dumb tattoos
and snaggled grin
oh you look,
uh huh huh
just like a crook

and though you think that you are so cool,
and so damn interesting
i have got some bad news for you,
ya kinda condescending
parasite who can't seem to find
nothin' good in life
good life good in life

I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news
but I have gotta say:
no one wants you around
aren't you 42?

You're tall as a tree
you look like a fool
you're pickin' on me
aren't you 42?