Plug / Relationship Issues

by Plug / Relationship Issues

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This is a 6-song split between two artists on our label; Plug and Relationship Issues. It features two new songs, along with one cover of the other's songs from each artist.

* signifies Relationship Issues cover
^ signifies Plug cover

Plug - "Indifference" EP:
Plug - "Hard-Wired" full-length:
Relationship Issues - S/T EP:
Relationship Issues - "Daydreamer" Single (alternate version): COMING SOON


released October 30, 2012

Tracks 1-2 written/recorded by Dylan Thomas
Track 3 - written by Dustin Davis/recorded by Dylan Thomas
Tracks 4-5 written/recorded by Dustin Davis
Track 6 - written by Dylan Thomas/recorded by Dustin Davis


all rights reserved



Pinhead Records Tampa, Florida

"Pinhead Records: keeping the 90s alive, one EP at a time." - Some cool guy on reddit

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Track Name: Plug - I Fucked Up
I fucked up again (repeat 6,000 times)

OH! I also say "and this time it can't be fixed" a few times.
Track Name: Plug - Where We Started From
We're right back where we started from (x3)
So let's give up, retreat. I'm fucking done.

I know I said I would never give up
But things have changed, I decided i'm done
I know they say that nothing good can ever last
Move on with the future and forget the past
Track Name: Plug - Pretty Girl*
Since the day we met at that hotel
I have never been the same
Crazy naked nights
Holding you so close in my arms is all i'll ever need

You are the smile on my face
You are the light of my days
Just like the suns healing rays
Don't let it go away... Hey pretty girl

Hey pretty girl, wanna me some day?
Good, cause I feel the same way
Pretty eyes, a candy smile. Will you stay with me a while?
Good, cause that's all i'll ever need
Track Name: Relationship Issues - Freewill
Life is a daydream we experience objectively
we make the rules for ourselves and only ourselves
some will travel to foreign lands and see the world
some will sit and home and indulge in themselves
there is no right and wrong in an uncaring universe
free will means freedom of choice
though for every action is an opposite and equal one
keep this in mind in all you do and you'll be fine

so just live and let live

"do not tread on my feet and I will not yours"
Track Name: Relationship Issues - Two-Party System
Two party system
illusion of choice
no matter the victor
we have no voice
political lies
to get ahead
to win the race
of world's most powerful man

cast your vote
in hope that they
will listen to
a word you say
the common man
has no say
in the world that he
works in each day

believe your candidate for every fuckin' word he says
Romney nor Obama care if you're live or dead
argue about the silly things while important ones are shunned
I resign
Track Name: Relationship Issues - Stupid^
I'll tell you i'll go to your show
But the funny thing is I don't really plan to go
I'll tell you we'll hang out next week
And then i'll turn around and make up a lie that's weak

I'm not as gullible as you like to think
And if you think i'm stupid you better see a shrink
I'm not as gullible as you might be
And if you think i'm stupid, look in the mirror and rethink

I'm not not as stupid as you might be
Take a look in the mirror and rethink

I'll shove my opinions in your face
But i'll only stay friends with you if you agree
I'll tell you that your music's great
And then i'll refuse to let you on the next show my band plays

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