Places Are Everywhere

by Relation

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"Places Are Everywhere" Relation's (formerly known as Relationship Issues) debut full-length. It features some of the one-man progressive punk act's strongest material to date.

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released April 23, 2013


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Pinhead Records Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Zealous Slaves
let's start a war
let's find some drugs
we'll spend our youth
just smokin' fun
down by the pit or at the station
with no awareness of demise
i seem to love to shut my eyes
and bury my head right in the smoke

they wanna take
my throne away
jealous eyes
zealous slaves
what do ya want from meh?
Track Name: Creationism In Our Nation’s Classrooms
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Track Name: In the Observatory
a young boy walks between the pews
to find the seat in which hes sat
every sunday since he was born

"never question what they say
it doesnt matter anyways
when youre boucning on Gipetto's strings"

but is it wrong to be led by words
set into chapter and cryptic verse?
if it gives life meaning, then it isn't wrong.
Unless, it's mandatory through politics and obsolete tradition.

a young boy walks into the classroom
of a university
to find knowledge of the world he sees
not the myth, no the stories
used to comfort us in death.

take it away and see what's left

a world of chaos, but possibility
made by your own will, not deity
morality and faith have no common ground

"without god, man is monster"
I just don't see these things that way.

"without god, man is monster"
I just don't see these things that way.

it's gotta change
tides of time
chip away
at ancient rime
something's gotta change
Track Name: Slow Casket
symptoms include: fatherland delusions of their

and all they know is hate and greed

do ya believe
the nazi-psycho-pathology of
the bible belt's leaders and senators?

is there a cure
for winning elections by saying the right words
and doing all that's wrong?
Track Name: Distant Stars
she says that no one cares and never will
she'd be an atom bomb if looks could kill
i'd tell ya rather not, ya know
she's gotta be the one i'd find
and all i wanna do is make it better

hey where ya gonna go with that fuckin' attitude?
hey where ya gonna go with that fuckin' attitude?
ya want go very far
sit here in my car
and smoke a cigarette while i explain
how none of this shit will matter on distant stars
Track Name: Nothin'
have you ever seen a meth-head cry?
tired of the chase, they don't know why.
One taste of nectarous desire
kindle the flames and raise 'em higher
"what you love most will kill you", no truer words?

"one more cigarette to kill the stress"
"adderall and ganja are the best"
"one more Big Mac" "one more pair of shoes"
how do you keep from getting the blues
when nothin' will fill the hole that's in your heart?
Track Name: Hannah
must've seen a thousand
strangers' face
never quite
found my place
of course that is, til i found you

i remember the night that we first met
wanted to kiss you oh so bad
but here we are, i kiss you everyday

love is found in the strangest places
opposites attract on a north-south basis
let's stick together, cuz i like you by my side

smoking cigarettes in my cold-ass car
never took my imagination so far
until you were there with me

Let's pretend that our play-date's gonna last forever
i know that's all we want
we never hold on hard enough
Track Name: Plato's Republic
fuck the whole system
born into voluntary slavery

just to make a wage
way below meeting
the need to fuckin' survive

do ya wanna die
for your god and country
when neither one will provide?

do ya wanna die?
heaven is a better place
just remember the pledge of allegiance

sing the song of freedom with me friends
before they take your voice
and soon their time will end
and now it's (common) man's choice

into revolution

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