Homeward Bound

by Sit On It

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"Homeward Bound" is Sit On It's third release on Pinhead Records, and contains some of the one-man melodic punk act's strongest songs to date. You're gonna need an extra pair of shorts on hand....

Recommended if you like: No Use For A Name, Pulley, Mi6, etc.

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released November 13, 2012

All tracks written/recorded by Andy Wambach!



all rights reserved


Pinhead Records Tampa, Florida

"Pinhead Records: keeping the 90s alive, one EP at a time." - Some cool guy on reddit

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Track Name: Homeward Bound
It's your hundredth odd time with your back to the wall; it's your lack of respect for your peers.
It's a pity you're likely to never evolve; you've been at it for six thousand years.

Where you homeward bound, to the underground?
But all you found was heresy?
Where you overwhelmed by the truth you found?
Have you come around to sanity?

You seem so familiar, your pioneer ways, but you’re only as good as your god.
It’s not feeling likely you’ll be far away, when life tells you your time is up.

Is this what you believe?
Is this what you believe?
Track Name: Stay The Course
I measured my success by you for nearly thirty years, and I’ve never measured up.
I know you’re not a hypocrite, just trusting what you hear, it'll never be enough.

Now, you've reached the breaking point, but how? I'll never let you go.
You, you'll never know what could have been; you’ll never know the truth.

So please wont you lend me your ear.

Maybe it’s too late, to find a better home, you’re all alone.
No need to hesitate, when setting long terms goals.

This life of sin bewilders you, that was never my intent. Should I apologize again?
That’s blasphemy, that’s what you say, I’ll keep my mouth shut once again.

You know you're not alone, so make your way back home.
Track Name: No Laughing Matter
Why don’t you ask a question? You should demand the truth.
Your idle hands don't serve as an excuse.

So let me labor on, I’ve got a lot to do.
Reality shows faith has little use.

I’ve seen your type before you’re nothing new.
Assuming we all share your point of view.
You never ask the question why, so what’s the point?

Gunshots, violence, tensions in the air.
Confusion direction, none of those were clear.

So now you feel unsure, about what to do.
Define yourself without the attitude.
Why don't you try some love?
Why don’t you try it out?

You're only seventeen, so sure of what you've seen.
There's a lot going, there's some hope through these blind causalities.
Track Name: Circles
So, now you keep all your feelings deep inside,
I won’t bother asking why, I know, better safe than sorry.

Look what you do to me, I guess you disagree.

Are you far away from here? Is it here that's far from you?
And all I ever wanted was some proof.
But as far as I can tell, you’re familiar with the truth.
And all that's left is all that we can do.

Now you have all those feelings you lament,
Its time you place your bet. You know, there's no chance you’re winning.
So tell me everything you want to hear,
So I can just steer clear. Ok, this is what you asked for.

I guess it’s all a lie, even though, I’d do it all the same.
So take those memories, let them go, just let them go.
Track Name: Let's Be Honest
You loved it too much, you can’t get enough,
Unlikely you’re honest, I’m calling your bluff.

The things that we try to control, are the things that we're willing to hide.
It's slightly conceded, but equally needed, when dealing with limited time.

Oh my god, I’m alive I guess that’s not enough.
Still I’m hoping, while you’re coping from your latest loss.
Oh my god, when you’re dead maybe you’ll finally stop.
Cause when your anger turns to danger Ill already be gone.

You say that you saved it for me, I’m not sure you know what that means.
And the three dozen others who've had it before would surely be quick to agree.

I’m feeling so abused, complacency excuse.
I’m surely glad you’re gone.
So take this as a threat. I’m enjoying second best,
So take my beating heart.

The truth of it is, you will surely be missed, don’t lie ... Don't lie.
Track Name: All I Caught Was a Cold
I thought I better tell you what you meant to me.

So take, take, take all these pieces of me, cause I know I’m not the only one who wanted a piece.
So get back while I check on the deposits I made, in the bank of your heart, to bad your minds in the way.

Regrets not the only action that you should have left behind.
Defense is the only option when you’re running out of time.
Announce to the world your displeasure with the only friends you have.
A life to defy the odds of giving up.

Would you hold me through the night?
Would you never let me go?
Would stand with me and fight or would just lay low?

If your life is on the line
And you got no place to go
You should take little time and learn your roll

Fight, fight, fight till you can’t lift your arms, don’t give up, we got a lot of time to sound the alarm.
Look at you, look at me, is it obviously the descent of the team you and me?

SO tell me that you’re lonely, don’t tell me you were wrong
Cause all I ever wanted was to care.
So tell me that you miss me, tell me everything
It’s not your fault.

Life goes on and I’m leaving now, and I know it’s not the answer that you,
wanted more but I need to tell you that you’re not a catch by any stretch, so leave.