by A Private July

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A Private July play classic pop-punk that'll be enjoyed by fans of bands such as the Queers, Screeching Weasel, Parasites, etc. Their new EP, "Frown," features four new songs written by the band, along with two covers. One's a Sheckies song and the other is by Weston!

* signifies Sheckies cover
^ signifies Weston cover


released December 4, 2012


all rights reserved



Pinhead Records Tampa, Florida

"Pinhead Records: keeping the 90s alive, one EP at a time." - Some cool guy on reddit

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Track Name: She Was An Idiot
I can write a million books on you
But none of them would be remotely true
Because our mistakes should be in stone

Not on palm tree print
In my plaid pajamas seeing red
And the little signals I misread
I will never be your friend
But I'll see you tomorrow

A baker's dozen
Multiplied my mood disorder
Your blank page cousin is worse than you
I want something
More than a girlfriend
I don't want to feel this way ever again

There might be a way out of misery
Jealousy and lusting kicking me
I look up to see
that I'm out of place
And i realize all that time that went to waste
Track Name: Sayounara
Started too late
Woke up today
Hellbent on falling in love
Made up my mind
thing will be fine
If I could see you tomorrow
I'd say
come on you're way too shy for this
I break apart whenever you smile at me
I'm sick,
I'm stuck,
I'm stupid over you
Like Oh, your gut
I ran around on you

Tomorrow you will understand
And I swear
I won't care about anything

You said
you wish you were someone else I think
That thoughts and dreams can all revolve around this
I hope that all these things come true
Oh shit, Oh Fuck. What am I supposed to do?

You are the only one
Track Name: You Fucking Suck
You made me wait
and I was just getting started
plans aborted
I wish there was poison in my cup
And saturday night was boring
You made me worry from the morning
My "crap-o-meter"'s filling up
You try to fix what isn't broken
While rubbing against wounds that are still open
Shedding hearts like pieces of clothing

I'm tired of being a big fake
and being hurt by your mistakes
Here's my confession on a plate
I see reluctance on your face
Well what's at stake?

He's a sick dumb fuck
Why'd you choose a stupid evening,
not even a greeting
you danced all fucking night with him
My guard is up
my senses failing
Too much to handle, I wanna strangle
everyone that's not you
Your weapon of choice is stupid old shit
The music's too loud, can't even focus
I thought you wanted out
Why are we still talking?

You fucking suck (so what's at stake?)
Track Name: Liz Makes Sense (Her Heart Was Napalm)
You wanted more
I wanted you
We could've been
I fell apart
I fell too hard
I let you down

Morning came and I thought of you
I'm lost inside
Morning rain, worries in full bloom
I should have lied
Can't understand why this won't be
Made a mess again
The both of you can't understand
You won't understand

If it was up to me, you'd stay here forever
Lost and sick, all my thought run together
In your room, we can stumble and stutter
Here's my heart so we can both hate each other

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