.​.​.​And Out Comes Another EP

by Sloppy Job

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Sloppy Job is a punk band from Isla Vista, CA and "...And Out Comes Another EP" is their (appropriately titled) second EP.

For fans of: Face To Face, Green Day & NOFX.


released March 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Pinhead Records Tampa, Florida

"Pinhead Records: keeping the 90s alive, one EP at a time." - Some cool guy on reddit

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Track Name: Oh Save Me, Reverie
Step into this empty room and all around I see
Memories of broken past; leap for lobotomy
I close my eyes and count to ten; an act of mere futility
Why did this happen? It tears and claws within!

Look beyond the past, your hopes and dreams will surely last
With an extra push, you can make it up the hill - if you've got the will
Oh save me, reverie

Society is run by hypocrites and miscreants
How am I supposed to feel about these disillusions?
But I am my own enemy if I refuse to make amends
It's time to purge the rage and turn to the next page!

The barrier is thin, bring hope to fruition; I look through the window
And see a bird fly by - it's calling to the sky; my one chance to escape - I'm free
Track Name: Second Hander
The day has come for me to realize
All the things that help me sanitize
My whole mind; I am sputtering with lies
That I tell myself, hey oh!

Futility mixed with never-ending hype
I hide all the truth so I can lay the pipe
My tree bears a fruit that is hardly ever ripe
Oh I kid myself, hey oh!

Waiting for the opportunity
To make an impression - but I'm a big asshole
I'll be whatever you want me to be
Just give me your stamp of approval

Please hold my hand and tell me I'm alright
But make sure you do it in everybody's sight
So they can see me get some; the attention is a light
That leads me through the haze, hey oh!

Lost and confused - I never will admit
'Cause I'm a guy who can't avoid the over-arching tit
Of mother fame-and-fortune; my demise is my own wit
Don't know who I am, hey oh!
Track Name: Look Inside
Look inside to find a conscience sleeping soundly
Resting in a state of his volition, blindly
Does he dare awaken all the demons? We'll see
But for now a somber scene is fine

Passing time will feature a decrepit old man
Stare into fountains of youth so he can return and
Erase all of the scars that are a trademark of his brand
But he sits there grinning to himself, content

Years to come will feature tales of lost and abandoned
Selfless states of mind left to repressive dungeons
This old man knows what's at stake in terms of humans
But this creature has no remorse, not even on death's eve
Track Name: Mistakes
Brain was finally picked, the insides were exposed
Full of distractions, my mind was pre-disposed
I wasn't aware, but I'm sure you could tell
The problems I create lead to my prison cell

Live my life on demand and supply
No progression - it doesn't even work

Take some initiative or take the back seat
We get surprised when broken glass cuts up our feet
Is life incomplete when you realize that...
I guess I can't learn from my mistakes

Questioning intentions and seeing if I care
Where's your validity? You really got me there!
Why must we toil if we get no return?
Learning that answer was never my concern

Please allow two to five sloppy weeks
No progression - it doesn't even work
Track Name: Tay Zonday
Can't write, can't fight
I just lay awake at night
Rehearsing everything I've done until it's right

Can't eat, can't sleep
I just lay at home and weep
Pondering the benefits I'll never reap

And my friends who think I'm a creep
And that date I was on last week
A summary of my life would be pretty bleak

I need to live like Tay Zonday, milking it for all it's worth
Enjoying every moment on this beautiful green earth
I need to live like David Lee, killing the 80's scene
Doing the splits, doing coke off tits - the white man's karate
I can't; and that's the problem with being me

So I lay and pray
That my life will turn around one day
And I'll finally find a decent place to play

'Cause I'm running out of time and I can't delay
I'm running out of suckers to betray
Oh yeah!
Track Name: Dying Scene
After the last shoddy tour of Rancid, Matt & Kim
I realized that punk was dying

I guess I always knew it in the back of my mind
Been lying to myself this whole time

And I'm so confused
And I don't know what to do
Won't lose my heart just to fall in love with you
So follow me, 'cause you're running in the wrong direction
Won't waste my life again

After all is said and done, I'm not so self-assured
This rebellion has become a fucking bore

The situation is turning out exactly as I feared
And this dying scene's got one foot out the door